Prayer List

Pray for our brothers and sisters as they share their requests with us.

Prayer changes everything

At Immokalee First Seminole, we believe prayer makes a difference.

These requests have been shared with us for the purpose of knowing we will be faithful in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

As you have your daily quiet time, please prayer for these names throughout the week.

Mr. & Mrs. Pringle

Cody LeadingFox

Delores Jumper

Emma Gallegos

Bri Ramirez

Watkins Family

Pastor Josh & Family

Frank Billie Jr.

Pete Aguilar Sr.

Pete Aguilar Jr.

Jerry Martinez

Ethan Pravatt

Lewis Osceola

Mrs. Kennedy

Jimmie Family

Elsa Zamora

Safety in our schools

Reservation Churches & Pastors

Teachers for small groups

Men's Group

Impact Youth Group

If you want to be added to our prayer list, please share here.