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A Good Soldier. 2 Timothy 2:1-4

We want to look at what it takes to be a good soldier in Gods army. 

I may never march in the infantry.... Ride in the Calvary, shot the artillery. I may never zoom o'er the enemy but I'm in the Lord's army. 

2 Timothy 2:1-4

From here we can see characteristics of a good soldier

A good soldier is...

A Good Soldier is...

First A Follower- vs 1

As a good soldier, we must know there is someone in charge. Be strengthened by what we have in Jesus

To be a good leader, you must be a good follower. 

There are some who reject authority. They will want to do things their way no matter what anyone else may say. 

How many today would say, if you're not going God, I'm not going. You are my lead, you are my strength. 

Fruitful- verse 2.

A good soldier is productive and active. 

What you have seen and heard in your walk you are sharing that with others so that they know Christ is alive. 

Tell others! There's nothing better than a soldier recruiting other soldiers. Helping other soldiers. Helping to equip other soldiers. 

Faithful- verse 3. 

As a good soldier you must endure hardship. Endure suffering. 

As a good soldier, we know that suffering is apart of our fight. 

So when the hardship comes will you remain faithful. 

When a soldier runs away what do they call it? AWOL. There's too many of our fellow soldiers that tuck tail and run when things aren't going perfect. 

This battle is hard. If it was easy it wouldn't be called a battle. 

I'm praying for those in the midst of battles right now. I know it can be hard. 

But remain faithful. Trust in the Lord. 

Be faithful and

Fearless- Joshua 1:9

The bible is littered with the instruction fear not. Joshua 1:9- have I not commanded you...fear not for I am with you wherever you go. 

Focused- verse 4

This is what we need to understand... It's easy to come in and look at everyone around us and be so concerned with them that we allow that to be our focus. 

When so and so isn't here we get discouraged. 

We worry too much about numbers what has become our focus? Numbers. 

Let's focus on God. 

The verse tells us to not worry about civilian matters, but to be focused on pleasing the one who enlisted us. 

Stay God-focused. 

What happened to Peter when he focused on something other than Jesus?

We do the same. 

Be a good soldier this morning. 

When you hear that word think of the greatest sacrifice.... Jesus. Who was willing to die for us, while we were yet still sinners. 

Jesus is Good... If that doesn't put a smile on your face...